Our services

Representing the customer’s interests

  • Provision of a commercial company
  • Carrying out a purchase-and-sale transaction
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Agreeing the terms of delivery
  • Providing assistance in finding the necessary supplier

Legal support

  • Execution of accompanying documents
  • Drawing up a foreign trade contract
  • Banking support

Cargo delivery and expedition

  • Shipment arrangements
  • Customs clearance
  • Certification of goods
  • Cargo insurance

Our advantages:


We guarantee the acquisition of the certified goods, prompt customs clearance and timely delivery


Favourable geographical location, our headquarters are in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania


Supply chain management and foreign trade activities of your company are handled by professionals with 10 years of experience

Constant communication

Flexible mode of operation including evening and nighttime as well as weekends and holidays

Extensive network

Close partnership with many international customs and logistics companies

We care about your business

Comprehensive help in implementing your business ideas

UAB Foreign Trade Services

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